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Welcome to the website of DR. SZALMÁSI LAW OFFICE.

Setting up in business in our country still represents a huge challenge although Hungary's EU membership has made matters much easier.

During my years working at the Prime Minister's Office I had gained insight into how important it is to get help from local legal experts with setting up in business sometimes hindered by the foreign legal or business environment.

It is also vital for investors in small and medium businesses to build good relationships both with central and local government bodies and agencies. As a legal advisor at the Prime Minister's Office I have witnessed several "success stories".

Our office offers a caring committed approach and quality services to all our clients.

We provide legal advice both in Hungarian and English whether our Client wants to find out their rights and obligations, sign a contract, challenge a decision by their insurance company, buy or sell property, need tax advice, etc.

dr. Gábor SZALMÁSI
Attorney at Law
Expert Lawyer of European Law




Dr. Szalmási Ügyvédi Iroda
Székhely: 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 3. III/2.
Levelezési cím:1380 Budapest, Pf.: 1125
Telefon: +36(1)312-4007
Fax: +36(1)354-1113